Roulette: European and American


Whenever you head into a traditional casino or play at any of the online casinos, you will find both American roulette tables as well as European tables. There are other types, but these are the most commonly found because they are the most loved and well known by casino goers. It is a good idea for you to play at both of these tables from time to time since both tables can be a lot of fun.

There are several differences in the American versus the European roulette tables. The layout is somewhat different as is the table layout. You can easily play the game since most of the rules to playing the game are the same.  Most of the time, people will have a preference. Some say that the European roulette table offers a better winning advantage, but that is all in the luck of the game, of course. The biggest thing to remember is that European roulette gives you more advantages to win while American gives a higher house edge.

The reason for the difference in winning percentages between the two games is fairly small for the player, but for the casino it adds up quite significantly over the course of a financial year. The reason why European Roulette has slightly better odds for the player is that it only has one zero. The only way you will benefit from this is if you play the outside chance bets, which include the Black and Red, Odd or Even and the Dozens and Colum bets.

In European and American Roulette, if the ball lands in ZERO, then the even chance bets (Black & Red, Odd and Even) all lose. But you have to remember that on an American Roulette table, there are two zeros (ZERO and DOUBLE ZERO). So there is one more number on the wheel in which you can lose your even chance bet, which of course is worse for the player.

Then you also have the fact that when you are playing the 2 to 1 outside bets (dozens and columns) and that ball lands in ZERO on a European wheel, you lose just half of your bet. When you are playing on the American wheel, you will lose all of your bet, and again there are two zeros on the wheel that you can lose your bet on.

So if you want to play the outside chance bets, you are better off playing European Roulette. When you sign up to most online casinos you will usually get the option as to which game you want to play as some Casinos have several different versions of Roulette available. So bare this in mind, as you want to give yourself the best chance possible of winning.

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