The Table Layout Differences  

There are differences in the American and European roulette tables. If you are new to playing the game, you do need to spot these differences so that you can improve your chances of winning. If you are playing Roulette online , it is not possible to see the difference in the table layout just because of the way the game is played. You would see this difference if you went to a traditional casino, though.

So, what is different? The European roulette table is traditionally larger than that of the American. This really does not affect the game play a lot but it is an indication that you are playing on a different table. You will notice that the croupier will need to use a chip rake to pull in the chips after each game play and then distributes them using the rake as well to the winner. Still, this small difference indicates what type of table you are playing on.

Two zeros Vs one

You will also notice that on an American Roulette wheel, there are two zeros, one is a single zero, the other a double zero. The European wheel only has the single zero. So this does affect the odds of the game slightly, especially if you are playing the outside chance bets. In the European Roulette game, if you are playing the outside chance bets, and the ball lands in the zero number, you will only lose half of your bet. On the American Roulette game, if the ball lands in either of the zeros, you lose all of your bet.

Also, when playing the European game, you will see things called “call bets” or “section bets” being made all the time. This is where a player can call out a bet, which is essentially a section of the wheel, and say how much they want to play on that section. Then if the ball lands on any of the numbers in this section they win. You do not get these bets on the American game, so this is another significant difference between the two games.

The numbers are in different places on the two wheels. As the European Roulette game has these section bets, the wheel is divided up into three different sections. The American wheel does not have any sections at all, so there is no correlation between the layout of the numbers on the American wheel and the European wheel.
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