European Roulette Wheel  

Roulette is a fun game to play at both the offline and online casino. The good thing about roulette is that it is suitable for both beginners and serious gamblers. The amateurs will enjoy choosing their lucky numbers and watching the wheel spin while the professionals are more likely to practice their strategy and skills. The rules will remain similar at at casino online as they would in Vegas so it's very easy for anyone to play.

When playing European roulette, it is critical to note the differences in the wheel layout from the more commonly found American roulette wheel. The changes to the game from one to the next are quite simple and yet they have a big impact on the game play itself. Here's a rundown of what you will find different on the wheel in European roulette as compared to the American wheel.

The biggest difference in roulette casino games is in the wheel. European roulette has just one green slot that is 0. In American roulette, though, there are two green slots, one 0 and the other 00. This gives American roulette one extra slot than in European roulette. The numbers on European roulette range from 0 to 36. This of course improves your chance at game play on the European wheel. With one fewer slot, you are more likely to hit your number on the European roulette wheel. You won't find both wheels at every establishment and you are more likely to find both wheels at an online casino.

If you decide to play roulette at a casino online you should try to remember to play somewhere that offers a good sign up bonus. One casino in particular offers a good sign up bonus and lots of good roulette games. Casino Classic is well-renowned in the industry so if you want to try roulette you should sign up and try a few of the games. The bonus at Casino Classic is $500 free to use for one hour so it's more than enough to play a few games and win some money.

Another good online casino to try out is Casino Action. It offers you $1250 for free. It has many great roulette games on offer including European Roulette Gold, American Roulette or French Roulette. The great graphics and sound will make you feel like you are sitting at a table in Las Vegas. Online roulette is very popular amongst players and many do make their money at the online casino roulette tables.

Before you start playing at a safe online casino make sure you understand roulette and the different betting options. You can also use various betting strategies to hit the jackpots. Many online casinos have a lot of information on the game on their website. Betting strategies you can usually find online. Make sure you use the often free casino bonus. There are many different casino bonuses, so have a look around and choose the right bonus for you. It could be a sign-up casino bonus, deposit and no deposit bonus, percentage bonus and more...

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